What are your Check in/Check out times?

The standard check in time is 4pm, and check out is 11am. During peak seasons, typically holidays and summer, we adhere to these times strictly so that properties can be properly prepared for the next guests. However, schedule permitting, we may be able to offer flexibility in adjusting these times for your visit.


How do we get access to the property?

All of our properties have a lock box on or near the front door. Once we have received your full payment and rental agreement, a code will be emailed to you.


            What’s included at the property?

All properties are well-stocked with kitchen utensils and linens for use at the house. Homes are also stocked with hand soap, bath soap, paper towels and toilet paper. While each property has back-up stocks of these supplies, depending on your individual needs and the length of your stay, you may need to provide additional items. Some homes have a small supply of seasonings in the kitchen, but this is not standard, nor is it something we stock, and we recommend that you bring any specific items you may require.


            Is smoking allowed?

All of our properties are non-smoking. 


            Are pets allowed?

Please check the individual listings to see if dogs are allowed as each property varies. We appreciate responsible pet owners (no more than 2 dogs with a preapproval and security deposit made).


            Is firewood provided?



            Do you have anyone on call if we need help during our stay?

Should you have any questions or need assistance during your visit, someone is always available and happy to help. Give us a call anytime.